May 22, 2011

“Is May 21 Over? Phew!!”

I suppose up until yesterday — when the world was supposed to end — this photo had a more foreboding quality. Today . . . it’s just another example of a poorly shot real estate photo (the shadow is cast by a building, not a hovering spacecraft).
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“Better Than Clapton”

“I Feel So Good:  The Life & Times of Big Bill Broonzy” “Um, Clapton? Sounds better than Clapton, though.” –Musician guessing the identity of the guitar player in a YouTube clip featuring legendary bluesman Big Bill Broonzy. Looking for a superb Father’s Day gift for the dad/husband/son/brother into blues music?  (or not — the book’s a great read...
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Play Date Drop-off Etiquette

Slippery Slope I’m sure I’m not the only busy parent with multiple young children who’s witnessed (participated in) some variation of the following protocol: First play date:  park car, bring child in, get acquainted with parents (or responsible adult), meet any other children in household.  Do a cursory scan of the premises for unattended firearms, open bottles...
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