March 18, 2011

“The King’s Highway,” in South Minneapolis

A stretch of Dupont Avenue in South Minneapolis (near Lake Harriet) is also known as  ‘The King’s Highway.” It’s that latter name that seems particularly apt right now, given the crater-sized potholes everywhere. Until they’re fixed, you might want to consider using a horse rather than your car to navigate Dupont between 37th & 40th (I nearly wrecked...
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NFL Economics: ‘Win – Win’ (Lose)

4 Possible Solutions to Owners-Players Dispute (Very) far removed from the NFL owners vs. players tussle essentially over revenue-sharing, at first blush it seems like there are only three possible outcomes: 1.  The owners get a larger slice of the pie; 2. The players do; or 3. The owners and players conspire to increase the overall...
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