February 2, 2011

“The Seven Year Itch?” Not in Housing

Shorter AND Longer Term Mentality One of the housing statistics that has seemingly been around forever is that the average U.S. homeowner moves every seven years. If that was ever true before . . . it’s not anymore. My guess is that that number was never right:  if two homeowners move after three years, and a third stays...
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Zero and Sunny in Minneapolis

Snowstorm Side Effects For once this season, a massive winter storm clobbering the rest of the country is sparing the Twin Cities — a sunny, if brisk zero degrees this morning. But that doesn’t mean that the Twin Cities is completely unaffected:  I’ve got a hunch that my AWOL Wall Street Journal — printed in...
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Arby’s For Sale = New Twin Cities Development(s)?

Mouth-Watering Parcels Speaking of development potential . . . the news that the parent company of Arby’s is putting the struggling chain up for sale raises the prospect that some of its locations will be closed — and turned into something else. One especially ripe target:  the Uptown Minneapolis Arby’s — between Lake, Lagoon & Emerson...
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Cheaper by the (Half) Dozen

“Golden Valley Commons South?” How does a landlord (and would-be home seller) comply with city-ordered repairs? One way, of course, is to actually do the repairs. However, if that’s not feasible or economic — and sometimes it isn’t — Plan B is to vacate the property, and sell it “as is.” Multiply by six, and that’s what is...
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