December 24, 2010

Stolen Bread at Whole Foods

Infinite Markup? Why is Whole Foods selling stolen bread? (and for so much, too). And isn’t announcing it to the world rather brazen? The explanation, for fellow dyslexics, bad spellers and/or Emily Litella fans (Gilda Radner’s old SNL character): that would actually be “stollen bread,” a Christmas specialty (guess who celebrates Chanukah?).
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Google and “Advertising Arbitrage”

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About Blog “Plumbing” Want to know why — amongst other reasons — Google is a $200 billion behemoth? Because it collects big bucks from advertisers to place their ads on millions of big and tiny Web sites, blogs, etc. (mine is decidedly in the latter camp). Meanwhile, Google essentially...
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Housing Trends 2011

A Bigger Role for Home Warranties No, this isn’t a call about where housing prices are headed next year. Rather, it’s an observation that home warranties are becoming a bigger part of real estate sales. Background Local utility companies have offered home warranties for years now. The basic plan typically covers the home’s heating plant...
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