November 18, 2010

Mill(stone) Rate

2011 Hennepin County Property Taxes Every time I think I’m a Democrat, they do something stupid. Every time I think I’m a Republican, they do something greedy. –Jay Leno What do you call proposing to steeply raise property taxes against a backdrop of weak home prices and an economy just emerging, maybe, from recession? How...
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Dried vs. More Dried Apricots?

George Carlin-ism I promise to limit myself to only a couple George Carlin-ism’s per year (last one: ‘What’s the Past Tense of Sightsee?”). In that vein, I pose the following question: what happens if you don’t seal a bag of dried apricots? (as some people in my household insist on doing). Aren’t they already dried...
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Trick Photography?

5229 Duncraig Road in Edina Highlands In a post earlier this week (The Far-Away(?) Buffet), I discussed clues that something “just isn’t right” in a particular photo. So, is the apparently huge Living Room shown above for real? You ‘betcha. The MLS dimensions are 27′ x 17′, or 459 square feet — that’s the size...
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Showing Feedback. Or Not.

Deafening Silence “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It drives (some) Sellers nuts, but the cold reality is that not all Buyer’s agents respond to requests for showing feedback. Many requests. My standard practice as a listing agent (representing a Seller) is to make 2-3 attempts to find...
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"Quantitative Easing??" Try, "Printing More Idiots"

Is the Fed Repeating Wall Street’s Sins? Joe Nocera: At a certain point, Wall Street ran out of clients to sell [securitized debt] to. So the only way it could keep the machine going was to buy it themselves. Jon Stewart: So, they infected themselves. At the end, they themselves became vampires. [Which suggests] a...
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