November 14, 2010

Mpls. Ross Kaplan or NY Ross Kaplan

“Will the Real Ross Kaplan Please Stand Up?” Yes, I work in real estate. And yes, I used to live on the Upper West side in Manhattan, where this “For Rent” sign appears. But that’s not me co-listing the office space pictured at left (snapped and forwarded to me by my sister). At least, it’s...
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Late Fall Checklist

Cubs’ Fans — and Procrastinators’ — Lament “Man plans, God laughs.” –Yiddish proverb So, here’s the status of my late Fall checklist as of last Friday: Blow out the sprinkler system? Check. Bring in the garden hoses? Check. Remove the window screens and store them in the basement? Affirmative. Rake and bag all the leftover...
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Broken Clocks and Stale MLS Photos

Out-of-Date MLS Photos Poof! One winter storm and 48 hours later, approximately 28,000 MLS listings in the Twin Cities (99.7% of the total Active properties) suddenly have dated, out-of-season photos. And something like another 200 sorely neglected properties on MLS — my estimate of how many still sport photos from last winter — suddenly look...
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