November 3, 2010

Realtor "Scouting Reports"

Know Your Counterpart Know thyself. –Greek aphorism Know the other Realtor. –Real estate aphorism To prepare for this Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, Vikings Coach Brad Childress and his staff will pore over hours of game film, studying their opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, etc. Is there anything analogous in real estate? Absolutely. When I’m...
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Guess What This Is?

Broken Camera? Really Late Night? Guess what you’re looking at (above): A. A water color painting whose colors bled as a result of water damage;B. A simulation of how cataracts affect one’s vision;C. What the front of your house looks like after a very late night.D. An actual photo of a bank-owned foreclosure on MLS....
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"A (Rock) Star is Born"

2010 Election Notes Did you ever notice how hail always comes in other sizes? Penny-sized; dime-sized; baseball-sized; etc.? –George Carlin Carlin’s observation occurred to me the umpteenth time I heard Michele Bachmann referred to as a “rock star” last night; you never hear a breakout new musician referred to as a “politician.” It was also...
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