October 14, 2010

Are Title Insurance Companies Bracing for a Tidal Wave of Claims? Nah.

National Moratorium on ForeclosuresSurprise, Surprise . . . the same banking behemoths that recklessly originated trillions in dubious mortgages — fuel for Wall Street’s securitization juggernaut — are apparently now running roughshod over the rights of delinquent borrowers as they seek to foreclose on their homes. How big a problem is this? And who’s going...
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Earnest Money: When More is Less

Law of Diminishing Returns If you don’t like technical, legalistic real estate posts — stop reading here. Earnest money (called “unrest money” by at least one recent Buyer) plays an overlooked but critical role in every real estate deal. Typically 2% to 5% of the purchase price, given by the Buyer to the Seller as...
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