July 1, 2010

Real Estate’s "Quiet Period" (You Hope)

“No News is Good News” In an initial public offering (“IPO”), the interval between when a company files its paperwork with the SEC and the SEC approves it, is known as a “quiet period.” What’s the equivalent in residential real estate? The interval between when the lender’s appraiser submits their report, and the lender completes...
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Time to Get Off the Stimulus/Incentives Roller Coaster?

“Deja Vu All Over Again?”* The number of buyers who signed contracts to purchase homes dropped in May to the lowest level on record, a sign the housing recovery can’t survive without government incentives. The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that its seasonally adjusted index of sales agreements for previously occupied homes tumbled 30...
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Why Gold is Making Record Highs

The Link Between 0% Interest Rates, Spiking Gold When “risk-free” cash keeps paying a guaranteed loss, then a growing number of people will, in due course, start seeking shelter elsewhere. –“What The Economist Doesn’t Know About Gold”; Seeking Alpha (6/29/2010) The above quote is from the best piece I’ve seen yet explaining why gold is...
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