June 7, 2010

Gauging Sunday Open House Traffic

The Sunday Times vs. Crossword Puzzles No, the picture (at right) wasn’t the line to get into my (first) Sunday open house at 2700 Chowen Ave. South last weekend. But it felt like it. Unlike most Realtors, I am not a stickler for sign-in sheets, or otherwise “taking attendance” at open houses I host. That’s...
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"Don’t Miss the $8,000 Buyer Tax Credit!"

Realtor Marketing Faux Pas Thought you missed the $8,000 tax credit available to new Buyers? Not according to the Realtor ad I saw (several times) playing on the preview loop at the Hopkins movie theatre tonight. Besides extolling her 20 years experience selling local real estate, the agent’s ad trumpeted that “there was still time...
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Changing the Closing Date

Closing Date: Fixed, or Flexible?It’s almost guaranteed that at some point in every real estate transaction, at least one of the parties will want to change the closing date. Can they? A real estate purchase agreement is ultimately just a type of contract, and anything the two parties agree to change, can be. But therein...
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