April 22, 2010

Michael Lewis Deconstructs Goldman Sachs

SEC vs. Goldman Sachs Confused about why the SEC sued Goldman Sachs for fraud, and what it means? Here’s about as succinct a summary as I’ve seen, from the inimitable Michael Lewis: Just as there was a time when people could smoke on airplanes, or drive drunk without guilt, there was a time when a...
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The Beauty of an Ugly House

Making Sure That “Ugly is Only Skin Deep” No matter the price bracket — OK, maybe not at $5 million-plus locally — virtually every home represents a list of trade-off’s for prospective Buyers. Better location, smaller size. More square feet, worse condition. Great condition, not as good location. And so on. So, of the various...
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Who Do You Call First?

Done Deal! Then What? It’s 9 p.m., and you’ve just agreed to terms with the Seller you’ve been negotiating with to buy their home. You initialled the last change on the Counter Offer form, and faxed it to your Realtor. Who do you call/tell first? A. Your parents, to tell them the good news! B....
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