April 14, 2010

How’s THAT for Seller Candor?

“And the Mechanical’s are Ancient, Too!” I just tripped across this in the Agent Remarks field of a St. Louis Park duplex that’s currently on the market: Sale Subject to Bank Approval of Short Sale. Cash Low and is fully rented on Long-term leases. Owner could occupy though with proper notice. Huge 4 car garage...
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Sen. Ted Kaufman: ‘Break ’em Up!’

An Independent Voice on Financial Reform (Hmm, I wonder why . . .?) Senator Ted Kaufman, Joe Biden’s replacement in the Senate, has rapidly emerged as perhaps the leading Congressional advocate for real financial reform (Chris Dodd’s version doesn’t come close). Not a few people have noted that Kaufman’s path to the Senate — he...
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Extreme Makeover – Fern Hill Edition

Worst-to-First on Huntington You’re not likely to recognize the home pictured above — 2820 Huntington Ave. South, in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. And no, it’s got nothing to do with the snow being gone. Rather, it’s because there are multiple dumpsters in front, and the place is swarming with contractors. Extreme Makeover What’s...
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The Contractor’s Kids Always Go Barefoot??

Factor #2: Lots of In-Process Projects The original version of the above quote, of course, is “the cobbler’s kids always go barefoot.” The idea is that they’re so busy attending to their client’s needs that they neglect their own — or their kids.’ But I’ve also observed that a lot of the contractors I know...
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