April 12, 2010

The 91% Solution

The Quick & Simple Way to Fix Wall Street[Editor’s Note: in a post last week, “Financier, Heal Thyself? Don’t Count On It,” I promised a part 2. This is it. Heads up: if you read this blog purely for real estate content, or want a post with a little levity — skip this one.] Want...
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The OTHER Reason Sellers Love Multiple Offers

Inspection Contingency Leverage The main reason home Sellers love multiple offers is because it bumps their price — if not over asking, then usually pretty close. But there’s a secondary reason Sellers love multiple offers: it can result in the Buyer pulling their punches during the Inspection phase of the deal. Inspection Issues Once the...
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"Sticky" Property Insurance Rates

Home Prices Down, Insurance Premiums Up?? Property taxes aren’t the only expense pegged to real estate values that should be dropping in sympathy — so should insurance rates. In fact, given a nationwide average drop in home prices of 25%-plus from the peak, you’d expect a similar drop in home insurance premiums. Instead, speaking for...
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