February 23, 2010

Shhh!! Don’t Tell the Tea Partiers

“Hands Off My Mortga . . . Oops! Never Mind!” As best I can tell, the tea party movement is angry about out-of-control government intrusion into people’s lives. Apparently, they’re not aware of the following factoid: There were $390 billion in new mortgage origination’s in the last quarter of 2009. Excluding home equity lines, Fannie...
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"Look, Ma, No Hands!"

Just Another Day at the (Virtual) Office Based on market time, showing feedback, etc., I advised my client that a price reduction on her home was in order, and she agreed. So I got her the necessary paperwork, she signed it, and I forwarded it (via my front desk) to MLS for them to input....
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Gauging Sunday Open Traffic

Actions Speak Louder Than WordsWhat does a Realtor with some spare time in a new city do on a Sunday afternoon? Check out some open houses! In fact, I just had time to go through a few, but here are a couple stray observations: –The Southwestern equivalent to the Midwestern “ranch” or “rambler” is a...
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