February 21, 2010

Voting Rights in America: 200-plus Years in a Nutshell

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on “Citizens United” Does anyone — besides the Supreme Court — really believe that the problem with contemporary American politics is that there’s too little corporate money driving the nation’s political agenda? To the point where whole industries — like Wall Street and the financial sector — quite transparently now have...
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Chilling Reads

“Basically, It’s Over: A Parable About How One Nation Came to Financial Ruin.” –Charles Munger; Slate (2/19/2010) “The Fat Lady Has Sung.” –Thomas L. Friedman; The New York Times (2/20/2010) Anyone else note the eerily similar notes struck by Thomas Friedman and Charles Munger? If you didn’t know, Munger is Warren Buffett’s long-time right-hand man...
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