February 11, 2010

Not-So-Flattering Photos — Exhibit A

“They’re Asking How Much??” Quick multiple choice: The asking price for the Minneapolis home pictured above — just re-listed today — is: A. $249kB. $375kC. $599kD. $1.249M Answer: D And no, this exterior shot isn’t going to help fetch that price . . .
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Stuck in "Housing Pergatory"

Too Many Shortcuts Add Up What makes a home “stuck in Pergatory?” Too much Pergo, for one thing (sorry, bad pun). For those who don’t know, Pergo is a laminate made to look like hardwood floors, and is about half the price per square foot as the real thing. The problem is that Pergo doesn’t...
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In Praise of the Underappreciated Vestibule

“Pin-drop” Front Entries If you’re a busy Realtor, it’s not unusual to get to large, group meetings a couple minutes late (like the weekly Edina Realty Exceptional Properties meeting). Which is fine — unless the meeting is being hosted in a home where the entry and front door seem to open directly into the Kitchen,...
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