February 2, 2010

Realtor Commissions: When it’s Smart to Pay More

Want More Showings? Dangle a Fatter Carrot In a culture — and economy — where getting the best possible price is practically a religion (if not a budgeting necessity), why should home sellers consider paying their Realtor a higher commission? Because they might actually make more money that way. That’s because Realtors who charge more...
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Robins, Flamingos, and Penguins

What Does a “Bird” Look Like? Before you pose the question, “What does a well-designed financial system look like?,” first ponder the question, “what does a bird look like?” Seriously. Robins, flamingos, and penguins bare little resemblance to one another. Yet scientists classify each as birds, and each could be called an environmental “winner”: endowed...
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Micro-Coupons & Micro-Sales

Now You See It, Now You Don’t Is everything now going to be priced like airline tickets? Sometimes, it seems that way. If you haven’t bought an airline ticket lately, the price can be very much a moving target, changing weekly if not daily (or hourly!). I even had a quoted fare jump $50 while...
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