January 11, 2010

How Clear Are Realtors’ Crystal Balls?

“Predictions are Tough — Especially About the Future” As I’ve blogged previously, home Sellers should pick Realtors based on how well they price, market, negotiate, communicate, etc.; Buyers, all those things, plus the Realtor’s market knowledge and frankly, willingness to hustle for them. Predicting future home prices isn’t one of the criteria. For one thing,...
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Attentive (and Not So Attentive) Agents

Overeager Seller? No, Overeager Realtor At one extreme, there are Realtors who don’t return your phone calls even when you’re trying to find out how to submit an offer your client has written on one of their listings. That’s actually happened to me — twice — in the last year. Surprise, surprise . . ....
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