January 6, 2010

Foreclosure Buyers’ Trump Card

Not a Deal . . Until it Is If selling foreclosures is a card game, the bank-owners would seem to be holding the best cards. After all, they can decide whom to sell to, what price they’ll accept, and what contracts and which title companies to use (theirs!). No wonder so many prospective Buyers find...
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Picking Comp’s: Vertical or Horizontal?

What’s it Worth? Who Wants to Know? Pricing well is one of the most important skills a Realtor brings to the table. In turn, that depends on knowing which “comp’s,” or comparable sold properties, to choose. As defined by both Realtors and appraisers, the comp’s are the three homes most similar to the “subject property”...
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Bubble Dynamics

Here We Go Again? While early investors savor their gains and see their money multiply, those still on the sidelines must consign themselves to earning less than nothing on their savings. At first, it’s easy for prudent savers and investors to tune out the “siren call” of the hot market du jour, and “just say...
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Foreclosure Snags & Delays

Dotting the Dots in the I’s The latest delay in a foreclosure deal where I’m representing the Buyer? The pre-approval letter from their lender lacked the lender’s signature. The bank might as well have objected to the font type and size in my client’s offer. What’s especially annoying is that the bank-owner was sitting on...
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