December 14, 2009

Measuring Bubbles: ‘the Kaplan Scale’

Riding Out a “K5” BubbleLet’s see . . . earthquakes have the Richter Scale, and tornadoes have the Fujita Scale, but what do financial bubbles have? How about the “Kaplan Scale?” I’m not a fan of logarithmic numbers, so I’ll stick with the Fujita Scale’s F1 – F5 ranking system (of course, substituting “K” for...
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Refinancing "Ostriches": Pain Avoidance?

Top 4 Obstacles Water, water everywhere, but nary a drop to drink. –Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Substitute “money” for “water” and you have a good sum-up of today’s lending environment. With mortgage rates at record lows — around 4.75% for a 30 year mortgage — you’d figure that anyone paying,...
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"Scheduled Surprises" — & Other Oxymorons

Last week, it was “limited surge.” Now this: ‘Sarah Palin is scheduled to make a surprise walk-on appearance with Conan O’Brien on NBC’s “Tonight Show.’ Are oxymorons contagious??
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