December 7, 2009


Realtor Pay-Out’s Rise with InventoryNo, mortgage rates didn’t hit 4% over the weekend. Rather, that was the pay-out being offered on not one but two of the homes I showed over the weekend. In fact, out of 8 homes I showed, fully half offered above the standard 2.7%. Commission Primer For those who don’t know,...
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Needed: A "Financial" Rosa Parks

The Fog of Financial Misconduct If the nation’s most powerful men and women won’t call Wall Street to account for its misdeeds — who will? Maybe its least powerful. After all, it was Rosa Parks, a then-42 year old seamstress, who helped ignite the civil rights movement in 1955 when she refused to give up...
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Property Tax Millstone

“If you have to ask about the taxes . . .” Where: Park Lane in Minneapolis What/Where: 4 BR/BA Rambler with over 4,000 square feet just southeast of Minneapolis’ Cedar Lake How much: $799k list price Who (listed by): Agent/Broker — Robert Landis What jumps out at me skimming the stats on this new listing...
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