December 4, 2009

Rate Pop Today

30-Yr. Rates Back to 5% Busy day — I’ll catch up to the “news cycle” tonight. However, in the mean time, just a hunch 🙂 that there’s a link between unemployment numbers coming in better than expected, and 30-year rates going over 5% for the first time in several weeks. Haven’t seen any commentary dissecting...
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Goldilocks Approach to Mortgage Modification

Stopping the Runaway Foreclosure Train The [mortgage modification] rules now being applied . . . have a Goldilocks quality. To get a modification a borrower has to need it a lot, but not too much. If the home is “underwater” ” worth less than the balance of the loan securing it ” but the borrower...
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Raw vs. "Massaged" Real Estate Data

City Lakes November Showings It’s easy to get overwhelmed by real estate statistics — even for professionals. For starters, there’s monthly sales data; “pending” sales data (under contract, but not closed); median and average sale prices; number of active listings (inventory), etc. Those data are available locally, regionally, and nationally. Further complicating matters: different “scorekeepers”...
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