November 26, 2009

Washington’s Financial Savvy vs. Wall St: No Contest

Keith Ellison vs. Lloyd Blankfein Even if Congress was scrupulously independent of Wall Street — which is hardly the case — it would be no match for Wall Street when it came to drafting legislation that made the financial system fairer and more transparent. The problem is a combination of priorities and expertise. To take...
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Thanksgiving Special: TV’s, Clothes . . . Mortgages

4.75% — Again While everyone is eating Turkey and looking for flat panel TV’s on sale, interest rates have quietly re-touched their all-time lows: 4.75% (or even lower) for a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage. That’s what supply-and-demand says should happen when soft demand meets ample supply (at least something in the economic realm is functioning...
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Black Friday

Ads, Ads, Ads Got the Star Tribune Sunday — er, Thursday — paper on my doorstep this morning. What’s unusual about that? I don’t subscribe. (No, I don’t have telepathy — I read it online, and have for years.) The size of a (thick) phone book, it was 98% ads. I gather that there are...
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