October 29, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit: What’s Next?

Post-Nov. 30 Tax Credit: More Targeted The following is from Edina Mortgage’s Steve Mohabir, City Lakes’ excellent, in-house loan officer: Good morning Lakers, There has been some encouraging news on the extension of the $8000 tax credit. However, it is NOT a done deal, as it still must be reconciled between the House and...
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"Really, Wall Street, Really??!!

“Learning to Love Insider Trading”!!?? Want to keep companies honest, make the markets work more efficiently, and encourage investors to diversify? Let insiders buy and sell. –Donald J. Boudreaux, “Learning to Love Insider Trading”; The Wall Street Journal (10/24/2009) Goldman Sachs director Stephen Friedman resigned from the New York Fed in May, after The Wall...
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"Garage Mahal"

New Term? Don’t know if it’s a new term, but it’s a new term to me: ‘Garage Mahal.’ I overheard it at a Realtor meeting this morning that was hosted at a close-in, city home — one that only had an attached, single car garage. I certainly know the Garage Mahal archetype: an overlarge, over...
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Jeremy’s Jeremiad

“Redesigning the Financial System” — Or Not In a world with few wise men — financial or otherwise — Jeremy Grantham certainly makes the cut (Paul Volcker, Warren Buffett, and John Bogle also come to mind). It’s hard to improve upon Grantham’s own words, from his 3rd quarter letter to shareholders (his fund manages a...
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