October 12, 2009

Winter in Oct.?

Silver (White) Lining: No Twins Game Tonight Just because real estate marketing has bypassed the Star Trib (and virtually every other print newspaper) doesn’t mean it hasn’t had — and continues to have — fine writers and columnists. Hard to improve on Nick Coleman’s sentiments, from his column yesterday: Next spring, a new, half-billion-dollar publicly...
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Real Estate Misunderstandings

Key to Conflict Resolution: Check Assumptions Being a good Realtor doesn’t mean you never have disagreements with clients (or they with third parties — see below); it means you’re good at resolving them (even better: avoiding them). Looking back over 8 years of real estate practice (and the occasional conflict), it’s startling how often the...
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$10k Property Tax Bill? "That’s Nothing!"

It’s All Relative One of the things you have to remember doing open houses around the City Lakes is how much the housing costs, relatively speaking — not to mention the property taxes that come with. Normally, a $10,000 annual property tax bill isn’t a selling point. However, I had three parties come through my...
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