October 8, 2009

“How are You?” for Realtors

“Selling Any Homes?” As almost everyone knows, “How are you?” is seldom a sincere inquiry into your well-being. Even if you’ve just been diagnosed with a terminal disease, the correct, Minnesota-nice answer is always, “Good, thanks.” In real estate, the equivalent is, “selling any homes?” Fortunately, most of the time I can enthusiastically answer “yes.”...
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Gold Bulls and Bears

That’s the Bearish Case?? Though gold performs well as a defensive asset in times of global economic strife, its long-term record is spotty. Over $1,040 an ounce is only a record if you leave inflation out of the picture. Factor that in and gold prices haven’t gotten near prices from the early 1980s. –Melinda Peer,...
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Time-Saving Technique

Coke Didn’t Make America Fat. —Wall Street Journal headline (10/8/09) Pressed for time? (and who isn’t) Then do what I do, as I hurriedly scan the Op-Ed pages (online and off) for the 8-10 pieces I want to “dig into” that day: 1. Read the headline;2. Jump to the byline at the end, to check...
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Resisting Treatment Imagine you had a medical condition, and sought advice from an expert. They told you that, while there was a tiny chance that you could spontaneously recover, in the vast majority of cases the condition was degenerative. Meanwhile, there was a medicine available that was 100% effective, albeit expensive. Would you take the...
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