August 6, 2009

"Priced for Immediate Sale"

As Opposed to . . .? “Priced for immediate sale” is one of those real estate cliches — like, “not a drive-by,” or, “in move-in condition” — that has been overused to the point of meaninglessness. Consider: are there really any homes on the market that are priced to sell in three months? Next year?...
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"It’s Too Nice for Us"

Quirks of a Buyer’s Market One of the more surprising things Buyer’s agents are hearing in today’s market is clients who say, “it’s too nice for us” (or at least, I’m hearing it). Huh? What I think is happening is actually a couple things. One, prices of bigger homes, in very nice neighborhoods, have now...
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What’s All That Noise?

Shlitt! Rip! Crinkle! Shlitt! What are those sounds? Millions of unopened monthly brokerage statements, heaped in a pile, finally being sifted and opened. Just a guess, but with stocks now up more than 40% from the March lows, lots of people now have the courage to tackle all that unopened mail . . .
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Title in a Nutshell

What Buyers Need to Know About Title*With terms like “Torrens,” “warranty deed,” “ALTA,” “registered property abstract,” etc., title is no one’s idea of scintillating. However, problems with a home’s title — the document that shows you are the legal owner — can be every bit as expensive as a defective roof or cracked foundation. In...
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