August 3, 2009

Modifying Mortgages — Why So Few?

Greedy, Stubborn & Stupid? No, Just Greedy I’m sure like a lot of people (and almost all *Realtors), I assumed that banks’ unwillingness to modify underwater mortgages en masse was due to greed, stubbornness, or stupidity — or a combination of all three. And while I think that there’s plenty of evidence to support that...
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Beige Elephants

“The Bigger They Are, the Slower They Sell” That’s from an article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled, “High-End Homes Frozen Out of Budding Housing Rebound” (8/3/09). The thrust of the article — which I agree with — is that the lower rungs of the housing market are now stable if not recovering, while the...
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