August 2, 2009

Pricing "Catch-22"

Vicious Cycle You’re not seeing a lot of sales activity [in part ] because people are still trying to define price. You need a certain amount of volume to be able to tell people where pricing is. –Mary Ann Tighe, CB Richard Ellis; The New York Times (7/31/09) Upper bracket homes in the Twin Cities?...
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"Washington as a Ghost Town" — Really

Closer to Constituents, Further From Lobbyists What if Washington Were a Ghost Town?–Headline, Peggy Noonan Op-Ed piece; The Wall Street Journal (8/1/09) My thoughts exactly . . . almost 16 years ago. In fact, that was the thrust of my own 1993(!) Op-Ed piece: Here’s an excerpt: In an era of jet travel, teleconferencing, and...
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