July 18, 2009

CALPERS vs. Floyd Abrams

Unadulterated Securities? No, Chutzpah Although the ink on CALPERS’ lawsuit against the credit rating agencies is barely dry, already the legal strategies being marshaled by both sides are coming into focus. In fact, S&P has already telegraphed its strategy by hiring Floyd Abrams, the subject of an interview in today’s New York Times. Abrams, the...
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Pre-Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sizing Up (What’s Left of) the Summer Market Maybe it’s just the unseasonably cool weather prompting thoughts of Fall(!), but here’s how I see the Twin Cities housing market shaping up between now and Thanksgiving, when things traditionally slow down. Basically, I think the sub-$500k market has different qualities before and after Labor Day (housing...
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"To See, or Not to See?" (that is the question)

“Sold, Subject to Inspection” — Explained Upper bracket Twin Cities homes may not be moving quickly (if at all), but the pace of sales for more affordable housing — say, under $300k — is surprisingly brisk. Accordingly, more would-be Buyers are being told that the home that they just asked to see is already “sold,...
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