June 22, 2009

Goldman Sachs’ 9-Plus Lives

Hen House Preservation Principles “Goldman to make record bonus payout.”–headline, (6/21/09) Principle #1: When presented with overwhelming evidence that the foxes have taken over the hen house . . . stop adding chickens! Principle #2: It’s not hard to figure out — at least in the short run — which foxes stole the most...
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3 Weeks ahead of Strib

You Read it Here First! Nice to be first with some good, cutting-edge housing market insights — plus some extra analysis and context. Compare what ran in the Strib yesterday, with my May 27 post: The banks are selling, but banks aren’t buying . . . the result: a one dimensional housing market dominated by...
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Foreclosure "Bait & Switch"

One-Item “Bait & Switch” Bait and switch (noun): 1 : a sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one.–Webster’s dictionary Can “bait and switch” ever involve just one item? I’d argue that it can. Normally, of course, there’s the...
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