June 17, 2009


“Making Bankers Mad” The Obama plan is little more than an attempt to stick some new regulatory fingers into a very leaky financial dam rather than rebuild the dam itself . . . Firms will have to put up a little more capital, and deal with a little more oversight, but once the financial crisis...
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"Such a Deal"

Is it REALLY “Below Market Value?” As many Sellers already know, it’s a tough market out there, especially in the higher brackets. So, to let prospective Buyers know that their home is a deal, more Sellers (or their agents) are peppering their marketing with phrases like, “asking price less than market value.” Is it? “That’s...
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Taking Financial Inventory

Questions, Questions Will the U.S. economy start to recover before the cost of intensive care bankrupts it? (No, the economy isn’t running “normally” yet, not with 0% interest rates — to the banks, not consumers; continued government bailouts; and burgeoning transfer payments for things like unemployment insurance.) Can the U.S. afford the ICU bill it’s...
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