June 8, 2009

Hamptons for $375k!

How the Upper .25% Live I quickly browse a lot of real estate-related material, but when I came across “Hamptons” and “$375,000” in the same sentence, I slowed down. If you don’t know, the Hamptons in Long Island is (summer) home to Wall Street’s — and Manhattan’s — rich and famous, and home prices there...
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Real Estate "Story Time"

Buyer’s Market “Stories” At the market peak around 2006, the real estate “stories” were all told by Sellers: what they had just sold for, and how much it exceeded their (dramatically lower) cost. So, in a historic Buyer’s market, it stands to reason that the stories are now being told by Buyers — presumably, about...
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Countrywide’s Angelo Mozilo

Personal Fortune, Economic Disaster I don’t follow pro sports very closely these days, but growing up, I remember a statistic in basketball and hockey called the “plus/minus ratio.” The goal was to filter out individual statistics like goals scored or baskets made, and instead, focus on each player’s net contribution to their team. The result...
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