December 23, 2008

Lenders: Rodney Dangerfield’s No More

From Rodney Dangerfield to Brad Pitt:Tight Credit Raises Lenders’ Status When credit was flowing a few years ago, lenders were a dime a dozen. Like Rodney Dangerfield, they “got no respect” (and frequently, didn’t deserve any). Now that credit is tight, good lenders suddenly are a borrower’s best friend. The turnabout is due to three...
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Saved by Zero?

Ben Bernanke’s Theme Song Maybe, somedaySaved by zeroI’ll be more togetherStretched by fewer Thoughts that leave meChasing afterMy dreams disown meLoaded with danger Maybe I’ll winSaved by Zero Holding ontoWords that teach meI will conquerSpace around me Maybe I’ll winSaved by zeroMaybe I’ll winSaved by zero–Lyrics, “Saved by Zero“; The Fixx Who knew? Personally, I...
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