November 13, 2008

Realtor Lobbying Clout . . Not

Realtor Lobbying Clout Overrated Housing may enjoy its share of tax breaks, incentives, etc., but that’s likely in spite of — not because of — realtors’ lobbying clout. Locally, the deadline for paying annual dues to the board of realtors is Dec. 1. As part of their dues collection campaign, the board implores its members...
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Re-Naming TARP

Successors to “T.A.R.P.”:“B.A.R.F” and “H.U.R.L.”Given the evolving nature of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”), and the *Federal Reserve’s penchant for appending the term “facility” to all its financial rescue efforts, it may be timely to give TARP a more accurate — and descriptive — name. My suggestion: Bank Assets Relief Facility, or “B.A.R.F.” In...
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The Bird in the Hand Society

“In the long run we’re all . . . broke?” *Until recently, the standard for futility was the Cal Tech football team (“we may be small, but we’re slow”). Now, however, it’s many long-term stock investors. Really long-term. Pick an investment, and, if you’re brave, glimpse at how far prices have been rolled back. The...
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Strib Piece on Foreclosures

Strib’s Buchta Dissects ForeclosuresThe Star Tribune’s Jim Buchta has a nice piece in Wednesday’s paper titled “Foreclosures Not Dwindling” (Star Tribune; 11/12/08). Interestingly, the same piece online today is titled, “Bits of Good News Surface for Twin Cities Housing Market.” Buchta notes many of the points I made in my Oct. 30 post, “A...
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Only One Bird in the Bush?

Only One Bird in the Bush — or None?Floyd Norris notes in his blog today that Intel shares are now back to where they were twelve years ago (“Approaching New Lows”; The New York Times, 11/13/08). Tell me about it. Here’s what I posted on his blog in response: Intel shares I purchased in the...
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