October 19, 2008

All about Commissions

What’s Negotiable in Real Estate — and What Isn’t Everyone seems to know that home prices are negotiable. So it’s logical to assume that realtor commissions are, too. Unfortunately, I tell prospective clients, my commission is not. When I practiced corporate law, my firm billed me out at $185 an hour. Could clients have found...
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Housing Market Cure

How to Fix the Housing Market — Really! I never worked for Goldman Sachs, so ipso facto I’m probably disqualified from proposing any solutions to the worldwide financial crisis/credit freeze/housing bust. See, “The Guys From ‘Government Sachs'” (The New York Times; 10/19/08). However, it does seem that, at least at the moment, the government’s response(s)...
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Warren Buffett’s Market Call

Do as Warren Does? Perhaps the most-remarked news in the financial world the last few days — quite a statement given the current decibel level — is Warren Buffett’s stock market call. On Friday’s Wall Street Journal op-ed page, Buffett, Edina Realty’s largest shareholder (via his interest in Edina’s parent company), famously exhorted fellow investors...
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