Bob’s are Back!

Something in the Zeitgeist? [Editor’s note:  thanks to 15 year-old Boston reader Xadine for pointing out that what I’d referred to as a “bob” is actually known as a “pixie.”  I couldn’t think of a headline that went with “P,” so I left that part alone.] OK, women’s hairstyle trends may not be the takeaway...
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Grantham: “Let’s Get On With Whatever’s Next”

Jeremy Grantham Nails the Zeitgeist, or “The New Abnormal” The economic environment seems to be stuck in a rather unpleasant perpetual loop. Greece is always about to default; the latest bailout is always about to save the day and yet never seems to; China is always about to collapse but instead teases us by inching...
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Bragging Rights, circa 2010

“Steve,” Economic Bellwether Want to know the latest economic and business trends? You could read widely (The NY Times, Wall St. Journal, etc.), conduct lots of surveys, or have keen powers of perception. Or, you could just observe a long-time friend of mine (I’ll call him “Steve” for purposes of this post). A decade ago,...
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"Monster Movies," Then & Now

Cinematic Zeitgeist The last time I remember big, Hollywood movies being this dark and disturbing was the mid-’70’s. If you’re too young to remember, that was the period after Watergate but before Jimmy Carter (and his “misery index,” melding inflation and unemployment); after Vietnam (just); between the two oil shocks and resulting energy crises; and...
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