Willis Tower

Balconies & Overhangs — Minneapolis Uptown vs. Chicago Downtown

Minneapolis’ Smallest Skating Rink (in 6 Months) OK, unlike The Ledge at The Willis Tower in Chicago (above), the balcony overhanging the street at The Walkway in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood isn’t 103 stories up in the air. But, on the other hand, The Ledge isn’t . . . filled with water!! And no, we didn’t have...
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New Year’s in Chicago

Dispatches from the Road, Cont. If a true Minnesotan heads north for their winter vacation (see earlier post), what qualifies for runner-up status? Heading to Chicago. With an air temp of about 25 degrees today, my 7 year-old noted (correctly) that “it’s a lot warmer here than Minneapolis.” Kowalski vs. Anderson The other thing you...
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