Stealth Inflation at the Grocery Store: Less Product for the Same Price

Era of “Supertall” Buildings . . . & Packaging People commonly think inflation means paying more for the same amount. But, paying the same price for a smaller amount also qualifies as inflation. In the last year, I’ve noticed everything from cereal to orange juice to Murphy’s Oil(!) being packaged in ever more svelte containers....
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Housing Trend 2010: Grand(er) Entries

From More Square Feet to More Volume, Cont. I’ve discussed previously the trend toward homes not necessarily with more square feet, but more “volume” (higher ceilings, more and larger windows, wider stairs and halls, etc. — see, “Not More Square Feet, More per Square Foot“; “Cranking Up the Volume“). That trend applies to the exterior...
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Housing Trends 2010 (Cont.): ‘Cranking up the Volume’

Beyond Finished Square Feet In a tight economy, builders and homeowners alike must figure out how to make their houses live and feel bigger without increasing their finished square feet (and therefore cost). How do you do that? Increase the volume. Huh?? Whereas square footage is two-dimensional, volume is three dimensional. Consider two identical homes,...
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