Twin cities hardwood floors

“Hmm . . . I Wonder What’s Underneath the Hardwood Floors??”

Man Bites Dog ” Real Estate Version It’s hardly the funniest line in “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” (I watched a re-run the other night) . . . but it is a good real estate line. The setup: Andy (Steve Carell’s character) just refinished his hardwood floors, and is showing new girlfriend Trish (Catherine Keener) his...
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The Case of the Too-Shiny Hardwood Floors

“Super-Duper High Gloss” (Or, Maybe They’re Just Wet??) When it comes to hardwood floor finishes, there’s “matte,” “semi-gloss,” and “gloss.”* And then there’s VERY high gloss ” in the case of the floors shown above. Rule of thumb:  you’re supposed to see your reflection looking in the mirror. But, when you can see your reflection...
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The Too-Shiny(?) Kitchen

Let’s Hear It For a Matte Finish (or at least, semi-gloss) It’s certainly possible that the owner of this “For Sale” Golden Valley home just refinished their floors, using a little (a lot) too much polyurethane. Theory #2:  the photographer didn’t get the lighting quite right. Either way, when a real estate photo has you reaching for...
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Hardwood Floor Fake-Out

Home Buyers Who Get a Post-Closing Lump of Coal When there are hardwood floors in the closets, you usually expect to find them under the carpet in the adjoining room. Usually. The exception, in my experience:  1950’s construction ” often ramblers ” that were built just as high-quality, affordable carpeting took the housing market by storm (think...
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