Twin Cities carpeting

Ancient Carpeting in the Basement? Great!

Low(er) Odds of Wet Basement Older may not be better when it comes to furnaces, roofs, and major appliances. However, if there’s any question about whether a home’s basement is wet, old is very good. Why’s that? Because carpeting that repeatedly gets wet and dries out becomes moldy, discolored, and generally starts to deteriorate. Ditto...
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Picking New Basement Carpeting

Doing Carpeting “Due Diligence”:  Better Than Google If you know next to nothing about carpeting, you probably think there are two kinds:  cheap and expensive. If you know a little more — say, because you’re a Realtor — you may be aware that there’s low pile (berber) and high pile (shag would be very high pile); that the former...
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