Trader Joe’s

"The Trader Joe’s" Housing Market

Ready to Eat — er, Move Into — Homes Call it “The Trader Joe’s” Housing Market (or more accurately, the “middle-aisle-at-Trader Joe’s” housing market). That’s where the ready-to-eat, frozen meals are stocked. Not only are they attractively packaged, the right number of servings (4-6), and good quality — but they’re great values, too. Similarly, homes...
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New Trader Joe’s in Minnetonka: Retail Home Run

Just checked out the new Trader Joe’s in Minnetonka, located just northwest of 394 and Hopkins Crossroads. The store opened last Fri. (Nov. 6). Quick first impressions: 1. It’s huge. In fact, my cashier said that it’s supposed to be the 2nd biggest of 300 Trader Joe’s nationally. 2. There’s ample parking (makes a big...
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