This Time is Different

Uh-Oh! Stock Market Perma-Bear Jeremy Grantham Capitulates (sort of)

Is It Really “Different This Time?” “Value investors have bored momentum investors for decades by trotting out the axiom that the four most dangerous words are, “This time is different.”  For 2017 I would like, however, to add to this warning:  ‘Conversely, it can be very dangerous indeed to assume that things are never different.'”...
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"This Time is Different" & Financial Predictions

Cloudy Crystal Ball To get some historical perspective on today’s financial crisis — and possibly divine some hint of where things go from here — I’ve been skimming “This Time is Different: 8 Centuries of Financial Folly.” The co-authors, Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart, are highly pedigreed economics professors; almost half of their exhaustively researched,...
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