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“The Economist” Warns on U.S. Housing Finance

When Government Gives You a Free Subsidized Lunch . . . Take It! “America’s housing system was at the centre of the last crisis. It has still not been properly reformed.” —The Economist, “Nightmare on Main Street:  the Horror Underlying America’s Housing Market“; August 20th -26th 2016. If you don’t want something (else) keeping you...
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Mortgages Could Never Sport a Negative Yield, Right? (Right??) — or, “Buy High . . Sell Even Higher”

Making the Mattress Look Good “Investors are willing to lose a little to make sure they don’t lose a lot.” –“Accentuate the Negative”; The Economist (1/24/2015) Could today’s already infinitesimal interest rates ever actually fall below zero, to the point where mortgages sport negative interest rates? My knee jerk reaction is, “Of course not!  That...
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