tax deadline

“Have a Nice Weekend?!?” Maybe Not THIS Weekend, If You’re a CPA

P.S.: “What’s a ‘Weekend’??” Starting Friday morning or even Thursday afternoon, I am used to seeing “Have a Nice Weekend!” appended to my incoming emails (I usually respond in kind). However, not THIS weekend, at least when I’m corresponding with the CPA who does my taxes. That’s because this weekend is “crunch time” ahead of...
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A Midnight (OK, 11:30 p.m) Trip to the Post Office

Tax Day Night Tradition I don’t know about other Realtors, but working 14 hour days since February makes filing my taxes by April 15 (April 17 this year) a tall order. So, I routinely extend. Thankfully, if you happen to be winding down one of those 14 hour days when the tax filing deadline falls due,...
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