Super Target

“No Waiting in Lane #5 (or #11, or #18, or #24, or . . .)”

If They Don’t Have it  . . . You Don’t Need It So, exactly how many checkout lines are there at the Super Target in Minnetonka (just northwest of 101 and highway 7)? Photo #2 (below) — taken from the other end of the store — provides the answer. Note:  I was there with my family to...
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St. Louis Park (Retail) Showdown

Target vs. Byerly’s There’s an interesting little retail showdown unfolding right now in St. Louis Park, just east of Highway 100. On the south side of 36th St. is a Byerly’s grocery store (the flagship, actually). Directly across the street is a Target (the “regular,” not “Super Target” variety). As the ubiquitous signs alert you,...
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