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Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Announces 2016 “Super Real Estate Agent” Nominations

Three-Peat . . . x 3!! I’m delighted to report that I’ve been nominated as a 2016 Mpls. St. Paul Magazine “Super Real Estate Agent.” The award is jointly sponsored by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business; an independent research company, Crescendo Business Services, makes the selections based on polling the two magazines’ subscribers plus 20,000...
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“Virtual” (vs. Analog) Realtor Awards & Plaques

2014 Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Super Agents Announced I don’t need any more framed awards or plaques to put on my wall, especially at $175 a pop. But, I did need a blog post for today. 🙂 Which is why I’m running the above, courtesy of an emailed ad inviting me to showcase my selection...
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“Super” . . . Seven Times in a Row(!)

Examples of bad emails would be ones informing you that your client came up short in multiple offers, or showing feedback trashing finding fault with your client’s home. Good emails? From Mpls – St. Paul Magazine (today, in fact) informing you that you’re on the list of Minnesota Realtors they selected as “Super Real Estate...
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“Super Realtor” Semi-Finals

“And the 2014 Nominees Are . .  .” In previous years (the last six, in fact), Mpls – St. Paul Magazine sent me a letter in late June congratulating me on being selected as a “Super Real Estate Agent.” According to the magazine, “more than 20,000 recent homebuyers, and all Mpls – St. Paul Magazine...
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“Best Real Estate Agents” Plaque

Lose the “S” and I’ll Think About it Apparently, if I pay $159, a marketing outfit will sell me a plaque (above) saying that I am one of the “Best Real Estate Agents.” Or, so they keep telling me in the (spam?) emails I’m receiving rather regularly. I’m eligible to buy that plaque based on my...
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3 (or less) Transactions per Realtor

800,000 Part-Time Realtors According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of Realtors handled 3 or fewer transactions last year. That prompts the following observations, in no particular order: –There are still too many Realtors out there (something like one million-plus).–A core group of Realtors (the 20%) are becoming increasingly dominant.–The clients of so-called part-time...
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