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Buyer’s Agent: “If I Send You an Offer, How Soon Can the Seller Respond?”

“An Bird Offer in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” It certainly seems like a reasonable request over Thanksgiving — or any other long holiday weekend, for that matter:  a Buyer’s agent who connects with the listing agent (representing the Seller) to make sure that the Seller is available and able to respond to an...
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Parsing, “Offers Will be Submitted Upon Receipt”

First Come, First Served? Maybe “Owner-occupied offers only through 10/10/2013.  Offers will be submitted upon receipt.” –Excerpt, “Agent Remarks” on MLS foreclosure listing Why is the listing agent reassuring Buyers’ agents (the only ones who can see “Agent Remarks” on MLS) that “offers will be submitted upon receipt?” And exactly what do they mean by...
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