Stephanie Chandler

“What You Get For $200,000” Feature in The New York Times: A Minneapolis Condo Near Bde Maka Ska

Minneapolis condos for $200k normally don’t get national exposure — in this case, in The New York Times’ Real Estate section. So, kudos to Edina Realty’s Stephanie Chandler, for scoring the publicity for her listing at 3150 Excelsior Boulevard in Minneapolis, just west of Bde Maka Ska (formerly “Lake Calhoun”). The two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo is actually listed...
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“NanaWalls”: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Awkward Name, Great Concept I hate the term “NanaWall”:  at least to me, “nana” evokes “nano,” which I associate with tiny or microscopic. But, I love the look:  a retractable, folding glass wall that brings the backyard and patio into the home’s first floor. The feature was beautifully showcased at Stephanie Chandler’s listing at 4609 Tower Street in...
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“Tudor” vs. “Revival Tudor”

What’s the difference between a “Tudor” and a “Revival Tudor?” As far as I can tell . . . none. In fact, “Revival Tudor” appears to simply be the more formal name for what everyone commonly refers to as plain old “Tudor.” Here’s a good working definition: “The essential characteristics of a Tudor Revival house...
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