MLS Agent Remarks: “Fully Licensed Chicken Coop Can Stay or Go!”

“Cock a Doodle Doo Don’t!” Nope, that “For Sale” home isn’t in the sticks somewhere, miles from the nearest neighbors. It’s less than 2 blocks southeast of Minneapolis’ Lake Harriet, in a neighborhood where homes fetch from $500k to triple that (at least) on the lake (this one’s listed for $525k). My Realtor understanding is...
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MLS: “All attached TV mounts shall stay but not TV’s”

Fixtures vs. Personal Property:  The Proactive Solution It’s not always clear whether something is a “fixture” or “personal property.” In theory, the test is straightforward:  is the item in question permanently attached? The rub, of course, is what constitutes “permanent”:  one person’s easy removal and repair (usually by the Seller) is another’s “of course it...
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